TrichyPushpa Sagaya Mary joined Mahila Milan Trichy in the year 2003. Before joining this organisation she was a tution teacher. She was instrumental in identifying the scan and miappropriation of funds by other team members. Because of this MM was temporarily closed in 2004.This was reported to Jocking sir and he was able to find a appropriate solution for this. Trichy MM got registered in Registrar office and gained more confidence from the people, which was lost during the misappropriation of funds in 2003. She is supported by Theni and Madhurai leaders along with John from bangalore. Total of 720 members are saving from 24 areas. On an average daily savings by each person is 20 Rs.

Apart from savings activity she has helped the people in Rajivgandhinagar, Ganesh nagar, Military colony by getting them loan from government to build houses. She also conducts awareness programs related to health. She also helps the illitrate individuals in case they need any official work assistance. As a team Trichy MM has purchased the land from savings which could be used for the members. She got a plan to achieve 1000 members by march 2018. There are 9 committee members in trichy Mahila Milan and planning to scale up by 18 in 2018 for smooth handling of activities.