Aru yallu bai from mallapur- Sikndrabad is a tailor by profession. She used to teach tailoring and paper cuttings to people who want to make their livelyhood by tailoring. She also support those individuals who does not have family to take care after child birth. At the age of 65 she actively participates in Mahila Milan activities and motivate people for saving. She also personally mobilise the money either by depositing into the Bank or providing the loan to the needy.

Elisha from Molali hosing board Sinkandarabad is the early leader from 2003 who was inspired by Jockin Arputham, when she attended the meeting in Mumbai. She learnt how to serve the people by this daily saving initiative. She was the key person in getting the basic amenities like water and electricity to Rajeevnagar. Her association with Mahila Milan helped her to represent the community and put forward their rights before the District Counceler.
she has helped widows to get pension which is given by the government. She also helps orphan children who are in need. she used to teach tailoring and helped them to get tailoring machine also. She is helping the eligible students to obtain computer training. Successful candidates are certified by Mahindra tech.