Santilatha Parida from Cuttack Mahila Milan is part of the organisation from past 18 years. She joined MM to make her identity and she was successfull in that. Way back in 2000 she joined Mahila Milan as a member. In 2002 she met John and since she is constantly inspiring and helping people in her area. It all started with as low as 10 members.


following are her achievements

1. In Subhashnagara slum she was able to find the solution for water problem by digging a borewell. She made use of Savings money for the same for the community purpose. This work was highly appreciated by city Corporator and commissioner and they started to notice her potential.

2. In 2009 she was able to stuck a deal with Government and get Subhashnagar area electricity. She along with 7 lady leaders approached the Officials and paid 6% deposit for the 9,70,000 electricity for each household in that area. The members got the electricity for free and others had to pay 2500 for the same.

3. With the community savings money she built toilets for women in Puri and Paradeep. It is being maintained till date by community members.

4. To qualify as a federation leader on a internation level she attended interview and represented Orissa. She was able to ge through the interview among 950 members and got awarded 50000.

5. She has worked on many housing projects and was instrumental in building the houses for poor

6. She introduced swatchha bharath initiative in Masjeed colony and made sure that roads were clean enough to walk through.
Poori District (Leader Tulsi Das) 1200 members

Paradeep District(Leader Saraswathi Barii) 2000 members

Cuttuck District(Leader Nayana Das) 3500 members

Kunjan District (Leader Annapoorna Das ) 500 members