Kalai selvi from trirupattur village area came to know about mahila milan organization in the year 2007 which is in the pondicherry. The group started with 20 members for monthly savings. Team went to meeting held on Mumbai, to understand the dynamics of daily savings. Today team has grown to 68 members. Loans were given to people who wanted to construct home. Many people are benefitted in this region and they are actively saving. People are greatful to MM as during natural disaster they were issued food, bed sheet and temporary tarpaulin to save their huts.

Other leaders like Tulasi, Ashwini and Selvamani are active and enthusiastic individuals who support Kalai Selvi.They have been trained in meetings in both Mumbai and Bangalore.

Pondicheery members are very greatful to Mahila Milan organisation as whenever they are in distress they have got immediate help. During the cyclones when their homes get filled with water, many times they have got Rice and basic home needs to survive by this organisation.

Periyamma who joined Mahila milan in 2002 was able to increase the member count from 22 to 100 during her visit to Mumbai meeting.

Veeramma Mahila milan Pondicherry leader recalls that MM helped during Tsumnami disaster in the year 2004, when no other NGO extended their help. Immediately our mahila milan organization helped them to build a 100 cottage in Nalavaram area. For three months they issued all ingredients required to cook through her for 100 members.

During the Thana Storm, the affected area was surveyed in details, identified the affected people and help in the form of reconstruction loan was provided to them by Mahila milan.

Totally 1500 members are living in including north and south pondicherry(Nalavaram area). Totally 240 families are living in this nalavaram area. She was able to build 4 toilets for ladies in this area.

She has actively participated in household surveys in her area for 140 members and got homes build for them.

She was responsible for getting her area basic infrastructure like roads and electricity for all home. Right now she has control over 17 years around Pondicherry. We have taken survey for 140 members. Mahila milan organization asked us to build 140 house for the slum people.