Chandra from Tiruppur(tharapuram) is successfully running Mahila Milan with 223 members with daily individual savings of 20 Rupees. Before joining Mahila milan she was into social services taking care of orphans, widows and handicap people. She believes in literacy and puts effort to get the children to join the Schools. She is creating awareness among the society for those children who has discontinued their studies for various reasons. School authorities have been convinced to take back the drop out students and to continue their studies. In the year 1999 she went to mumbai to meet Jockin sir to understand more about the Savings. There she visited various slums and studied how the people saved, how the loans were distributed, how the repayment activity is happening and how the team is helping the people in the community. She was able to understand what are the rights of the children. She got awareness on child labour and was able to free two girls Vijaya and Priya from the clutches of wrong people. She had to knock the police station and got the justice for those girls.

She started fighting for the basic infrastructure in the locality and got public tap water and toilet built in kamarajapuram. Hand gloves are provided to street labourers.
Gnana soundari and Iswari joined Mahila Milan in 1998, under the guidence of Periyanayagaswamy. She was able to raise the members from 25 to 325 over the years. Daily savings in their area is between 2 to 100 rupees. Interesting to know that one of the ex MLA named Prabhavathy is still part of MM. Education is being encouraged in their areas by providing them cash prizes whoever scored highest marks. They have also started office in Palani. She have been trained in mumbai and also they had got chance to visit Nepal to study the savings activity. In future they are planning to run a computer institute as they have got basic computer training by municipality office.