Dhanalakshmi, prior joining Mahila Milan in Coimbatore she worked in many NGOs and has served in many Slums. Right from year 2000 she has been involved with social work which has given her self confidence and has enabled her to work for people. Her involvement in Mahatma Gandhi Ashram helped her in understanding the width of social service. During the year 2013 she came to know abut Mahila milan from Sagayaraj and Periyanayagam. After his death of Selvanayagam she formed one team with nine members to help this organization. Initially she started with the weekly Savings and gradually extended to Daily Savings in the areas like Suyamadu, Parai palli, Kaliyapuram, chinnappa palayam, periya palayam and Kottur. Few children used to skip the school in Paraipalli area as it was very far them to walk. Dhanalakshmi approached Panchayat and convinced them to hire a Omni van for those kids to go to school. She helps the people in that area by assisting them in works related to caste certificates, arranging tutions to eligible childrean, Liquor ban protests (she was successful in sealing that liquor shop also for society health) and also train leaders to carryout small savings in their respective areas. Right now there are 120 members who are working in this Organisation. She personally takes care of 5 areas.

Sumathi from Kovai district actively involved in daily savings in Annamalai Parai area along with her 24 members. She is doing the thankless job by providing free tution to the children in that area in evenings between 6 to 8 pm. She is also a BCom graduate.

Malliga from kovai district involved with the areas like Anaimalai, Udaiyur and JJ nagar colony. She has been trained by Dhanalakshmi regarding semippu thittam (small savings) and has been actively involved with this. It is good to see that all these women are self motivated and are service oriented. They work for the organisation without any expectation. Looking at her fellow members she has learnt that women can achieve whatever she dreams. She believes that women should step outside the house and look into the external world to learn from other people. Once they start working they will identify their true potential which would help the community in a most successful way.

Bhagyalakshmi hall from tamil nadu – Keral border. She was attracted towards Mahila milan coimbatore to help the people who are under proverty line. She wants to provide basic amenities to these people who does not have a proper roof on their heads and 2 time meals. She plans to work for a handicaps and wants to work on income generation activity for them. For all these she belives Mahila Milan would help them.