Chidambarammal was one of the earlier to join the organisation in 1997. She along with other leaders like Muthumari, Shanti and Prema visited Mumbai in 1999 for one of the Mahila Milan meeting and were inspired by the daily savings. During those days there were many self help groups spread over Madhurai. These group members were integrated under the banner of MM. Today over 50 areas people experience the magic of daily savings. Areas like Puliyanthopu, Aararmandapam, Vaigaivadakarai, Madhuchiyam, Solaialagupuram, Managiri, P.T.colony, Rajanmanagar, sabestianpuram, Gandhipuram, Sellur, silverpattrai are to name the few. It all started with people saving Rs 50-100 per month. Now everyone are actively saving on a daily basis. The main categories under which loans are distributed are income generation activities like tailoring, chilli powder preparation, Education and health issues. People in emergency get loans immediately without any surity. This trust worthiness has made many people to join Mahila milan.

Other than savings activities these leaders are into getting Roads and Sanitation done to the areas they operate. They have created awareness among the society regarding the disaster of child marriages in PT colony. Also conducted awareness related to AIDS and cleanliness (garbage and drainage issues).

Today the organisation has grown to 1022 members spread over 50 settlements in Madhurai. This achievement was only possible by dedication of the leaders visiting every member house and spreading the awareness on savings.

Apart from working in their respective districts these leader visit other districts and help them to achieve their goals. Members visited Theni district Mahila milan which was not running from past 7 years and spent effort on building the team. Allinagaram in Theni where people they don’t have toilets, these members gave awareness program about the public toilets.

In Dindugal also they gave awareness program about the Mahila milan. That time 5 houses caught fire and everything burnt down completely. Ambrus sir who is the member of mahila milan and he helped to build a new houses for those people and after that they opened new Mahila milan office there.

In Madurai, Anuppanadi area, One murder has happened due to dowry issue. The murdered girl’s mom was one of the member in Mahila milan. All Members of Mahila milan joined together booked compliant against the culprit and they got justice to the victim. This is the power of the organisation.