Latha is a able leader from Chikkamangalore, who was earlier in 2005 working for Karnataka Government Health depart projects as program officer. Her activities were mainly concentrated around HIV infected individual. She was involved in providing the knowledge about HIV and safety measures to avoid the same. Her noble experience motivated her to join to Mahila Milan in 2010 to further extend her service to HIV infected community by not only giving them counscelling but also helping them to restructure their life.

With the help of her team comprising Revathi, Shashikala, Manjula, Kumari and Renuka they are carrying out savings activity in settlements like Udyanavana and Hanikere. It all started in a village named Hanikere in 2010. Each of the areas where they are working have got around 100 members on an average who are saving. Loans were distributed to the HIV infected individuals for income generation purpose. Many sex workers have been educated about the alternative income generation possibilities and loans have been distributed for the same. The only purpose behind this is to provide them a respectful life down their lifetime.

Lath remembers a horrifying story about a infected individual Geetha from KR pet who was disowned by both her parents and in laws. video [3:09]. She knocked the doors of Mahila Milan who helped her financially to survive and arranged for her stay in the Hostel called Sahodaya. When her condition worsened Latha literally took her to her parents and begged for the shelter as she was not able to continue herself in hostel. Latha also offered financial support to them but they rejected mercylessly. Geetha died after few days and her last rights were done by Mahila Milan as none of her relatives turned up. Latha has plans to build a rehabilitation center for HIV infected individuals and provide them shelter to lead a decent life.

Apart from this Mahila Milan Chikmagalore provide education for orphan childern. A girl named Jayshree became police who was helped by organization. Another girl who lost her parents due to HIV got educated from mahila milan organization and now she is in a good postion at HAL company. A HIV infected couple getting financial support from organisation to cope up with the medicine expenditure. vid [3 29]

Another leader Renuka, who is a tailor by profession is teaching tailoring for womens there at free of cost in her area. Vid [1 30]. This was helpful for poor uneducated women to explore their income generation activity. It is good to see that Renuka never thought that enabling other poor women in her area with the profession she is doing would be a threat for her income. Her gesture shows her concern for the society where she is living.