May 2017

  • On 25/5/2017 Meeting was scheduled in mahila Milan office to discuss workflow of may month.The guest of honour was Miss rehmath and  leaders of all areas were participated in this meeting.This meeting mainly concern was to convince members of gowri canal area to increase their savings.This  meeting was commenced with prayer by Mrs mangala.Mrs Latha told about savings and cost of all the areas and also she decided to give 300 rupees for 13 people instead of  giving 500 rupees for 8 people for HIV affected and orphan childrens.Leader of Gowri canal area mrs leela  informed about demanding to return money of all the  womens of gowri canal area.  And informed about returning money in first week of june month.mrs latha told about taking decision by visiting gowri canal area and discussing along with members .Members of this area savitramma and nagaratnamma complained mrs latha  about the  problem  they are facing from leader leela.latha and mangala told about discussing this problem with leela and solving it.
  • Mrs latha told about informing john sir about the members asking for loan to do flower business.Mrs latha informed about the leaders of chikkamagalur not responding to the request she made to increase members of their area.and she also told about no one is joining her in spreading awareness in areas.and told all leaders to persude womens around them to join this organization.Finally meeting was winded up by giving vote of thanks to all who participated in this meeting.
  • Meeting was started with a prayer and Mrs selvi welcomed everyone and read last month’s report.
  • Committee report:-selvi complained that no one in the Committee are working properly and being a leader Krishna should perform his duties in right manner.and she also said that renukamma is not repaying money of her loan and upon calling she is not responding to all the leaders decided to put notice to her.selvi has asked manjula to pay money so she told about paying it on 3oth of the month.
  • Maddur Haralli area shantamma:-She told everyone to participate in grama sabha on 17th date and also she decided to solve water problems .and she is also doin savings.
  • Shivapura area:-have did small savings,included in repayment,asked loan of about 3 lakhs.5 students have passed their exams in distinction.
  • K Kodahalli temple street:-water problem have been solved by lodging a complaint in has been created for one person.took one installment and doing small savings.
  • K Kodahalli Holle street:-Doing small savings and doing repayment.
  • Swami Vivekananda nagar:- Doing small savings and doing repayment.
  • Meegala street:- Doing small savings and doing repayment.created ration card for two people.
  • Chamana halli:-Celebrated ambedkar jayanthi and did procession. Doing small savings and doing repayment.
  • Besarahalli tamil colony:-Participated in ward meeting and said about applying to clean drainage and to create box type drainage. Have helped in putting mercury lights by panchayat. Doing small savings and doing repayment.
  • Swami Vivekananda nagar:-Have selected new leader  from new area on womens day and that leader have participated in womens day.
  • Kannur area sc colony:- Doing small savings.
  • Maddur tamil colony:-Doing daily savings and upon completion of their loan of this year they are asking for loan amount of 10 lakhs.childrens from this area are coming for tuitions and computer coaching.because of loan, one member have been took so have provided money and took back him.
  • Mariya Colony:-Doing small savings and panchayat people have visited and arranged to put tap.have put street lights.
  •  Malawalli:-have sorted out one family issue.have given free tuition for one child. Doing small savings and doing repayment.
  • Kakepura:-Shared experience of trichi visit. Doing small savings and doing repayment.
  • Mallanayakan katte:-Participated in ambedkar jayanthi, Shared experience of trichi visit. Doing small savings and doing repayment.
  • Keelara shankara matha street:- Doing small savings,have visited food department and sorted issue of not providing food to one person.have organized street lights,celebrated womens day,have participated in ayurveda camp.
  • Halahalli tamil colony:- Doing small savings,have got 3 lakhs loan and doing repayment.celebrated ambedkar jayanthi.doing small savings in ramanahalli.have asked for loan. Shared experience of thichi visit.daily visiting office and asked for claimed letter and have asked for register of all the houses.have cleaned drainage by using machine.To ask salary hike on behalf of handicapped people jatha is going to Bangalore on 18th.have kept money of sorted issue of madikeri.
  • Brahmapura area:-30 thousand leaders have took loan and doing repayment. Doing small savings.have visited anganawadi.
  • S.T Jayaramnagar:- Doing small savings.Celebrated ugadi festival.Upon visiting D.C office and asking for registration letter for houses ,they told to register all the houses.have brought food in front of anganawadi teacher.
  • Halahalli slum board:- Doing small savings and doing repayment.sorted water scarcity problem by getting tankers and have put taps and street lights.
  • Mysore agrahara:- Doing small savings.have visited anganwadi.
  • Te halli bhagya:-sorted water problem. Doing small savings.have asked for loan.
  • Chandupura station:-have sorted water problem by lodging complaint in panchayat.5 children have participated in summer camp. Doing small savings.
  • Shoabha kasthur:-have given 40 books to the area people.