Maddur is the second largest Saving hub in Karnataka after Bangalore. Maddur Mahila milan activities extended to both slums and also nearby villages. Under the able leadership of Selvi, Maddur Mahila Milan is one of the most vibrant and active organisation which not only does the savings activity, but also made their place in nearby villages. Today Mahila Milan is considered one of the most trustable organisation here due to the services rendered by the leaders like Bhagya, Marry Christina, Shanthamma, Ganga, Gayathri, Selvi and Shobha who hail from various settlements/villages like Besegarahalli, Tamil colony, Arlahalli and Desari. These leaders have gained trust of the people where they have located. People tend to take suggestions or look out for help with these leaders.

The team is so capable that they have managed to save around 4 lakhs in each areas they work. The priority is given to education. Loans are issued to the members for paying the fees in the schools/colleges. Also they use the Maddur office space to provide tution and computer education.

Apart from the routine saving activity these women leaders have put their effort in helping the Government initiatives like Swaccha Bharat and have constructed Toilets in many households. Loans have been issued for the same initially to construct the toilets and later subsidy amount from government is used to repay the loans. Team help the people in these kind of government official correspondance. They help them to fill up the application forms, manage their bank accounts and follow up on the requisitions made.

John has helped the members and members are greatful to the organisation for the same. He make sure he visit Maddur and try to attend the monthly/bi monthly meeting and understand the issues faced by the leaders. In the meeting ad hoc solutions will be provied to the leaders and are motivated to carry out their activities.

Selvi who is the key person in this area has attended Mahila Milan meetings in places like Srilanka, Hyderabad, Bombay, Bangalore and has gained immense knowledge on Savings activity. She makes sure that whenever she conduct the meeting it is very methodic and documented. Individual leader is allowed to put forward her concerns. She also discuss on how to change the organisation for better tomorrow for the poor people.

Apart form the organisation activities she has participated in social activities such as protest against Kaveri water, exploitation against women, Ban of single digit lottery etc, directly approaching police station in case of any arrests. She is one of the committe member in local police station who is responsible for maintaining law and order in their areas.

She was key in transforming Tamil colony infrastructure and able to get proper roads, decent houses, street lights, drainage and drinking water facilities. The people in that settlement got courage from mahila milan leaders and all joined together spoke to their MLA to fullfill their basic needs. Members also get involved in all kinds of panchayat meetings. Right now 27 leaders are there in the organization.T hey got good knowledge and training from John to run the organization. They got to know how to fight for their rights.