An offer of partnership or a promise of conflict in Dharavi, Mumbai?

ABSTRACT: The first part of this paper, by Sheela Patel, provides a backdrop toJockin’s letter about the current government plans to redevelop Dharavi, a largeinner-city township within Mumbai with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants and tens of thousands of enterprises. The second part is the text of an open letter by Jockin Arputham from the National Slum Dwellers Federation to the governmentand private developers that was released to the press in June 2007 and that receivedwidespread coverage in newspapers and other media around the world. This open
letter is an offer of partnership in such redevelopments from the organizations and federations of slum dwellers in Mumbai and elsewhere to government agencies and developers. But it is also a warning of the disruptions that the slum dwellers will bring if they are not involved in the planning and implementation of such redevelopments.

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Community police stations in Mumbai’s slums A N Roy, A Jockin and Ahmad Javed

SUMMARY: This paper describes how an alliance between slum dwellers’ federations and the police has set up community police stations in the slums of Mumbai and Pune, and explains how these operate.
I. INTRODUCTION :THE POLICE IN Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in India have started a partnership
with community organizations to provide police services in the “slums”. Although slums are home to more than half of Mumbai’s 15 million inhabitants, they are generally considered to be places that should not receive public services. But the police recognize that their inhabitants have the right to police services, and that they live in conditions where police services are much needed.

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Developing new approaches for people-centred development

ABSTRACT :Jockin Arputham founded the National Slum Dwellers Federation in India and is president of Slum/Shack Dwellers International (SDI). This paper describes Jockin’s life and work and the many different methods he has used to fight eviction and get government support for people-centred development over the last
40 years. This includes the long fight to protect Janata colony in Mumbai from eviction, working with Bangladeshi refugees, and the formation of the federation of slum dwellers, first in Mumbai and then for all of India.

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Plans for Dharavi: negotiating a reconciliation between a state-driven market redevelopment and residents’aspirations.

ABSTRACT This paper describes and discusses the changes in the government’s plans to redevelop Dharavi in Mumbai in response to pressure and protest by Dharavi residents, grassroots organizations and a local group of eminent citizens(Concerned Citizens for Dharavi), and as a result of international pressure.

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