NSDF and Mahila Milan report of Tamil Nadu Dec 2016 and Jan 2017

Recent Activities of NSDF and Mahila Milan – Tamil Nadu

On 10th of February the meeting was organized the people form the following areas were participated.  In this meeting Trichy, Pondicherry, Ooty and Madurai Mahila Milan members attended this meeting.

  • Ariyalur District :14 Mahila Milan groups
  • Trichy : 9 groups
  • Madurai : 50 groups
  • Govai : 5 groups
  • Pondicherry : 5 Groups
  • Anaimalai : 5 Groups


Meeting Photo
Meeting Photo

Role of Area and District committee members :

  • All the Area committee members nominated by local area group savings members
  • The area group members nominated District committee consisting of 7 members, If there are more members they nominate 9 and above committee members
  • These members those who are interested and committed towards slum community development.
  • Those who are interested accepting NSDF and Mahila Milan objectives.
  • These members committed to collect daily savings and RMK loan in addition to saving loans.
  • These members voluntarily involve in Mahila Milan activities at area and District level in all activities.
  • Persons able to mobilize more saving members and forming more groups.
  • The persons who are able to solve area problems faced by local people.
  • The persons who are aware of the basic amenities of day to day life of the people.
  • These committee members meet whenever there is urgent need arises with people and the community
  • The Persons those who are share their day to day experiences of their involvement with the group and the district committee.
  • Keeping regular and continues communication about the organization activities and development of slum community.
  • Maintain proper, relevant records of the organization.
  • Holding responsibility of all financial matter of area group and district groups.
  • Sub-meeting, monthly administrative expense of groups at district level.
  • Looking into the all the financial bank transactions.
  • Conducting all kind of pertaining of different kind of slum surveys.

     Ariyalur District: This Ariyalur District committee started new Mahila Milan groups in new areas that is Vilandai, Vadavikkam, Munnuran and Kadugatti Still they want extend Mahila Milan group in three areas, they are Surakuli and Kalleri.

      The above said all the five District Mahila Milan groups discussing during their area group level and district level to extend the and start new Mahila Milan groups in new areas.  More over all most all the group seriously discussing to increase saving amount and also to increase more saving members.

Govai: In Govai the Mahila Milan group with the collaboration of central workers education board.  The awareness program was organized in the following areas that is Marabugowndanpudur, Thatthur, Ramamudaliarpudur, Kaliyapuram, Sethumadai, Vodayakulan and Saranapadhi area.

Madurai:They organized free medical camp and awareness program about health and hygiene.  In this program Alwarpuram, Madichayam, Vaidhaivadakarai, Puliyathoku and R R Mantapam area people participated in the program.  Corporation health department vaccinated people to avoid fever, vomiting and giddiness.  In Vandioor, Sellur and Puliyanthopu area free eye camp was organized.   The Madurai Mahila Milan Members visited Dindugal, Vadamadurai, Ariyalur, Parainagar, Paraimedu and Xavier street people.  They met area people those who are effected by heavy rain, which flooded into their house and suffered a lot.  They met Dindugal town, Sukkamedu area people and explained about daily savings and about the Mahila Milan Activities.

Conclusion: Mr. John Samuel proposed and suggested to organize the world women’s days in district wise may be on 11-3-17.  He proposed to organize same Women’s day in Bangalore may be on 24-3-17.  He instructed to conduct tuition classes in the evening hours and also computer training for slum children’s.  He suggested to re-initiate Mahila Milan group in Theni and Shivagangai district.

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