Tiruchinapally District Mahila Milan Meeting

                               Tiruchinapally District Mahila Milan Meeting

Trichy District Mahila Milan meeting was held  in Bangalore  on 2nd and 3rd December 2016. In this meeting about 26 members participated from the following areas Mookambikai Nagar, M K Kotte, Katur, Ambikapuram, Ganesha Nagar, Ponnmalai and Mahila Lakshmi, Mahila Saraswathi, Mahila Vinmeen.  These participants all are involved in Mahila Milan activities and formed Mahila group in the above stated areas and collecting daily savings and collecting savings loan and RMK loan, apart from this they are involved in individual and group activities towards solving area problems.

The active members of Mahila Milan namely : Sagaya Pushpa rani, Susheela, Karpagam, Devayani, Selvi, Valarmathi, Subbalakshmi, anjali, K Vijaya, Saraswathy, Komala, R Vijaya, Rejeshwari, Jeeva, Revathi, Kala, Indrani, Arokya Mary, Amudha, Dhanam, Kalpana, Kokila, Mariyayee, Radha, Jubida Begum and  Mr. Narayanan from Federation.

Mediator :  Mr. John Samuel

On first day meeting Mr. John Samuel Conducted the meeting as a mediator and gave some guidelines and suggestions to the participants to explain about the individual and group members  to introduce themselves and share their experiences, that is self introduction, area and years of experience and their involvement in the Mahila Milan activities like daily savings, saving loan repayment , RMK loan and other group activities regarding the basic amenities and solving common problems.

All the participants introduced themselves and explained their experience in Mahila Milan and their involvement as follows:
• Mrs. Sagaya Pushpa Rani involved in Mahila Milan more than 15 years and she was conducting tution classes for the area childrens freely for some time, then she started Mahila Milan Group in her area involved in Mahila Milan activities and continue the tution classes everyday for the poor Childrens.
• Susheela, She and her husband professionally they are construction workers, and her husband become very sick. He doesnot have any money to spend for husband treatment and she approached Mahila Milan group and got Mahila Milan loan and her husband got cured.
• Viram, Kavitha, Dhanalakshmi, Amudha, these four ladies unable to pay school admission to their childs. These women approached Mahila Milan and they got education loan and got admission.
• Amudha , She is unable to spend money for her daughter’s marriage. She approached Mahila Milan group for a loan and with the financial help of mahila Milan, her daughter got married.

The Following above said Mahila Milan Leaders involved in solving the area people’s problem like drinking water,Electricity, ID card, Voter ID, Ration Card and garbage cleaning.  These leaders were able to meet the government municipal panchayat officials like Health Inspectors  and Thasildars and explain the area problems and solved by the government officials.  These was done by the Mahila Milan Leaders, which was pending for many years.  The mahila Milan Group were able to  solve this, which was discussed in the Mahila Milan group Meetings with the core committee.

All the participants explained about their involvement which was carried by themselves. Because of the Mahila Milan group support and encouragement given by the Mahila Milan group committees, which was discussed regularly in the area meetings and with the core committee meetings and gave suggestions to solve the common problems of area people. 

Most of them worsed themself sharing their difficulties and strugles faced within the family as well as in the community and they expressed more confidence, hope that made them involved more and more in Mahila Milan Activities strengthening Mahila Milan group and extending to start Mahila Milan group in new areas and assured they will continue their daily savings, loan and RMK loan and make people to involve  with the mahila mIlan activities. They expressed their appreciation to Mr. John Samuel for his support and generous health.

Conclusion: Mr. John Samuel suggested to form Mahila Milan Group in area wise and help them to conduct regular meeting’s and involved in solving the common problems of the area people, and act according to the situation of the area and suggested to Nominate committee members according to the number of committee members.  If it is 20 members of group, nominate 5 committee leaders.  If it is 30 to 40 Members of group nominate 9 committee leaders, with this the meeting was concluded.




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