Remembering Jockin Arputham

Social Activists Group, Bengaluru, in collaboration with St Joseph’s College(Bengaluru), AICUF Unit of Bengaluru, and local civil society groups organized a “Remembering of Departed Social Activist” on September 4, 2019, 09.30-13.00 hours at Xavier Hall, St Josepj’s College Auditorium, Langford Road, Bengaluru.

Fr. Francis SJ briefly recalled the contributions of social activists and mentors such as late Fr. Claude D’Souza SJ, Fr. Manu Alphonse SJ, Fr Ambrose Pinto SJ, Jockin Arputham (who worked among the urban poor), C S Saravanan (of the Indian Social Institute), and Rev. E Deenadayalan (of the Delhi Science Forum and Other Media, Bangalore), who were all instrumental in catalyzing critical thinking and social activism among students, youth, and communities in general, from the 1970s until their sad demise.

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